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About Krista

Krista's two biggest passions in life are riding her horse and her career in real estate!


Prior to her education and activities with real estate, Krista was the owner and main designer for Superb Web Design. SWD specialized in website design and internet marketing. Over a period of ten years, Krista produced hundreds of websites, worked with local and international clients, authored a website development guide, and successfully templated a process for website development that allowed even those with no coding skills to build knock-out websites!  





Krista has a very open and outgoing personality. People constantly comment on her sincerity, compassion and willingness to go avove and beyod. Her genuine desire to help people be the best they can be spills over into her business.


Krista has also been an avid rider and competitor in the equestrian arena for over 20 years and her drive to excel has won her many awards. That desire to be the best in her field is part of the reason she has been so successful at first build winning websites, and now help private lenders build high performing portfolios. She enjoys riding, reading, writing, movies, dancing and spending time with her family.